Thanks to its technologies, its software solutions and its know-how, AccepTV provides consulting services.

For example, through these services, AccepTV can help you to:

  • benchmark and compare video equipment from several manufacturers (for example, find the best video encoder among several candidates)
  • determine optimal video processing parameters (like bitrate)
  • measure video quality before and after changes in your broadcasting chain (during transition from SD to HD, or from HD to UHD/4K, for example)

Most of the time, AccepTV takes in charge its customers' videos, measures their perceived video quality and provides a detailed report on these measurements. This report generally contains the quality scores, bitrate values, quality curves, bitrate curves, "quality vs. bitrate" representations and recommendations regarding the customer's goal.

This type of service is often used by our customers to benchmark and compare video encoders, in order to find the best one before buying it or to test different broadcasting scenarios.

For this, the usual procedure is:

  • You contact us and explain your needs,
  • We decide together how we can help you to answer these needs and we estimate the amount of work required to do it,
  • We send you a commercial offer,
  • You send us your purchase order,
  • You send us your videos (via FTP, file hosting web sites, DVD, Blu-ray, hard disk drives, ...),
  • We measure the perceived quality of your videos,
  • We send you a report giving you precise and quantitative information (mean quality score, quality curves, bitrate curve, statistics, worst and best frames, recommendations) about the perceived quality of each one of your videos.

Please note that preliminary tests may sometimes be required before we confirm you that we can answer you request.

For more information, don't hesitate and use our contact form.