OTT Monitor

Monitor the Quality of Experience of your OTT services. Worldwide. Simply.

Measure WHERE and HOW (duration, smoothness) your videos are watched!


OTT Monitor is a simple and scalable solution to monitor the QoE (Quality of Experience) of OTT services (Over-The-Top).

If you are in charge of an OTT service, then you need a tool like OTT Monitor to easily monitor the QoE of ALL YOUR END-USERS.

You just have to add 5 lines of javascript code to each web page containing a video player that you want to monitor.

OTT Monitor supports the following video players:

  • YouTube
  • JWPlayer
  • HTML5
  • Brightcove

OTT Monitor enables to:

  • collect QoE data for thousands (or even millions) of end-users
  • know the duration of video freezing due to buffering
  • know which video duration has been watched
  • know which bitrate(s)/resolution(s) are used for each played video (adaptive streaming can cause bitrate/resolution changes)
  • get measurement reports containing statistics, curves, pie charts, geolocalisation maps

Overview of OTT Monitor

OTT Monitor is a cloud service.

In a web page containing a video player object, a few lines are added (see screenshot).

Then each time a user starts playing the video (or if it starts automatically), the viewing experience is monitored.

Online demo

There are two available demos of OTT Monitor:

Once you have played a video (at least for a few seconds), you can get the report which will include your measures by clicking the link on top of each page.


OTT Monitor is available via a secured dashboard.

This dashboard contains:

  • demos for all supported web players (YouTube, JWPlayer, HTML5 et Brightcove) and their source code
  • access to reporting functions


The dashboard enables to generate reports:

  • containing tables and statistics
  • containing maps showing the different monitoring locations and their QoE (with icons "OK/Warning/Error")
  • between 2 user-defined dates and times


OTT Monitor is very easy to integrate and provides very rich and very useful information concerning the QoE of OTT end-users.

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