AccepTV Box: Remote HDMI

View and listen to your HDMI signal from anywhere. Send infrared codes like a remote control.


"AccepTV Box : Remote HDMI" is a solution to receive an HDMI signal from anywhere, in a web browser.

Indeed, this small Linux box enables to capture an HDMI signal and stream it over the Internet, bypassing all firewalls.

On the client side, the user can view and listen to the remote HDMI signal. The video (up to resolution 4K/60 fps) can be viewed in a window in a web page, in an overlay floating window or in full screen.

The user can also have its own remote control displayed on screen and click on it to send infra red codes to the remote HDMI device.

A tool is supplied which enables to learn infrared codes from a physical remote control, in order to send them later. You can register several remote controls.

Bypassing firewalls, the box connects to one of our cloud servers and streams both the video and audio signals from the HDMI signal that you plugged in the box.

Since it's the box which connects to the cloud, this solution passes through firewalls.

Web interface

The box can send infrared codes to control the device which has the HDMI output.

It is provided with a tool to learn infrared codes.

You can also display a photo of your remote control and indicate which area of the photo corresponds to which infrared code.

From the end-user point of view, access to the audio/video streams is protected by a PIN code.


"AccepTV Box: Remote HDMI" is a hardware and software solution which enables users to view and hear an HDMI signal from anywhere, in a web browser.

"AccepTV Box: Remote HDMI" has the following advantages: