Solutions for producers


As a video producer, you must benchmark video equipment, especially video cameras, in order to maximize the quality of the contents you produce.

You must also produce contents whom quality and loudness respect the limits defined by your customers.

We have the solutions for that.

First solution: Video Quality Monitor (VQM)

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) can measure camera noise. It is a unique tool to benchmark video cameras and to measure noise in the videos you produce.

Video Quality Monitor (VQM) also measures audio loudness according to recommendations ITU BS.1770-2 and EBU R 128. This will enable you to provide your customers with audio tracks which meet industry requirements.

But most of all, Video Quality Monitor (VQM) enables to measure and monitor audio video quality from you encoded versions and your broadcasting, by processing audio and video from files and from live sources (HDMI, SDI, IP streaming, desktop capture).

Second solution: Video Quality Analyzer (VQA)

Video Quality Analyzer (VQA) can measure the perceived quality of your videos. It produces very precise analysis reports on perceived video quality which permit to benchmark and to optimize video encoders.

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